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Discover Your True Purpose with Her Authenticity

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Ready to design your authentic roadmap to thrive?

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One on One Coaching Sessions

At Her Authenticity, we offer personalized coaching sessions to guide and support Christian women in discovering their true purpose and designing authentic roadmaps to intentional and fulfilling lives aligned with their unique God-given calling.

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Personal Development Assessment and Strategies

Our personal development strategies are tailored to empower women to thrive authentically in all aspects of their lives. We provide tools and techniques to help women overcome obstacles, build confidence and achieve their goals.

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Team & Group Coaching Sessions

We're dedicated to helping you deepen your relationship with faith, find peace in your daily life, and discover your true purpose. We work with you to identify areas of growth and develop a personalized plan to achieve your goals together as a team or group.

What Our Clients Say

"The hard work required to set and achieve personal goals is doable with Stephanie in your corner!  Stephanie’s Master Class helped me identify goals and make an action plan that is working!  Stephanie brings wisdom, insight, and valuable lessons to the process.  She encourages community among participants so between classes we were sharing resources and uplifting each other. It was a wonderful experience!"

Allison Pasternak

"I've known Stephanie for over 20 years. She listens objectively and provides valuable insight into whatever circumstance you are facing. She lives her life authentically and empowers others to do the same. Stephanie is the person you need to connect with on your journey through life."

Alisa Rosa

"I adopted Stephanie Brown as my mentor over 18 years ago. During this time, she has been a friend, as well as a constant source of wisdom and guidance in my life. She has always been a source of truth by telling me what I need to hear, even if it's not what I want to hear. Stephanie has also encouraged me to set goals and achieve them. Lastly, her zest for life and commitment to helping others is contagious."

Dr. Octavia Anderson

Stephanie Brown

"The first step towards authenticity is embracing the truth of who you are, leading to immense personal growth.”

From IBM Strategic Leader to Certified Christian  Coach

Stephanie has a wealth of experience as both a seasoned leader and a personal growth innovator, backed by a diverse history in program management. Throughout her impressive 33-year tenure at IBM, she has cultivated a profound understanding of the tech industry and the significance of embracing one's authentic self.  Her passion for entrepreneurship and empowering individuals in transformative growth experiences led her to embark on a new journey with Her Authenticity. With her strategic mindset, strong leadership, and coaching skills, she has played a pivotal role in guiding people through challenges and  transitions toward living empowered lives.


Would You Like Stephanie to Speak at Your Event, Podcast, Summit, etc.?

Do you lead or have an event where your desire is to empower yourself and others? Together, we will take your audience on a transformational journey and inspire positive change personally, professionally, and spiritually. 

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